Call to consumers: “Hold onto your returns for now”

The Hague, 21 December 2020 – The number of parcels delivered by Post-Services NL has increased to 1.7 million per day. The closure of non-essential stores has led to an increase in online purchases, over and above the high volumes of previous weeks. Post-Services NL has now increased its capacity by 90% compared to the beginning of this year. Various measures are being taken to keep the flow of parcels manageable, so that delivery can continue effectively and safely at this maximum level during the lockdown. Consumers are therefore being asked to hold onto their return items until after the new year.

“The number of parcels we’re presently processing for our customers on a daily basis has nearly doubled since the beginning of this year,” says Tom Walker, Director of Parcels & Logistics at Post-Services NL. Every day, the greatest amount of parcels are sorted and put onto delivery vans at the sorting centers. Our network is under a lot of strain. And our personnel go above and above every day to deliver our customers’ packages to their houses. We were able to increase our volume to 1.7 million parcels per day by adding more trips, personnel, and trucks, as well as clever packaging options. That’s the new maximum that allows us to continue serving our customers during this latest lockdown. And it’s also the maximum that enables us to continue to guarantee the safety and health of our employees at all times.”

Cooperation with web shops, retailers and consumers

In order to continue to deliver the maximum number of parcels every day, Post-Services NL asks for the cooperation of web shops, retailers and consumers. Walker: “We’re asking consumers to hold onto their return items until 7 January, and we’re working closely with the web shops to make this possible. We’re also in discussions with them and with various retailers about opening additional pick-up points in various places across the country. We expect to be able to share further information on this shortly.”

The amount of parcels that web shops can deliver is limited by Post-Services NL, and this also applies to stores that deliver to Post-Services NL pick-up sites. “This relieves strain on the store floor for supermarkets and businesses selling vital goods, which are currently quite busy,” says Walker. The packages will have to wait a day, and we appreciate our clients’ patience. Everything we do is geared on reducing volume as much as possible so that we can continue to deliver the highest number of packages each day.”